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Dear Friends, We trust that you and your loved ones are keeping well during what is a traumatic time on a worldwide scale.

On Monday 23rd March 2020, the LMI office closed following the introduction of lockdown measures by the UK government. This was part of the national effort to protect the NHS and fight the coronavirus pandemic. Regrettably, the lockdown measures introduced also resulted in the rapid closure of churches and schools, which had an immediate impact on both LMI’s Mission Awareness Programme and Youth & Schools Outreach Department.

However, despite the difficulties facing the mission, LMI staff took up the challenge of working from home with dignified determination, and the Lord graciously blessed our efforts by endowing the team with creativ- ity, imagination and productivity. For example, our Youth & Schools Outreach (YSO) Team created a number of new programmes, and other staff researched a suitable online platform for the development of LMI’s Bible Teaching Ministry (we praise God that significant progress is being made in relation to this latter project, which will reduce our postage costs and enable students to complete their coursework via the internet).

Following the outbreak of the pandemic, we contacted each of LMI’s coordinators and ministry partners to assure them of our prayers and to request an update of the situation in their home nation. We soon started to receive messages de-tailing very difficult, and sometimes dire, situations, as people – both believers and non-believers - in various nations suffered from food shortages, rising unemployment, lack of sanitation and widespread fear due to the coronavirus. Several of our contacts had started aid efforts but they required funding and help if these efforts were to continue.

In response to this, we launched LMI’s COVID-19 International Relief Campaign. We praise God that to-date we have been able to provide £7,150 for a variety of aid endeavours in several nations. We trust as you read more about this effort in Ministry Matters that you will be challenged to pray and support it financially.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers, interest in and support for the work of LMI. Our office is now open again for a limited number of hours each week.  If you need to visit the LMI office for any reason, such as deliveries, please call ahead on 028 9045 8362 to make arrangements.  If you enter the office, please be mindful of others and maintain any regulations relating to social distancing. Hand sanitiser stations are available and masks may be worn if you wish.

Please pray that we will know the Lord’s leading and help throughout the remainder of the pandemic and beyond. We truly value your partnership with us as we strive to serve Christ and make Him known, both locally and around the world.

Yours in His service,

Thomas and Yvonne McClean LMI Mission Directors

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