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Story time! Well, almost…

As you can see, Lucy Paisley is continuing to use her outstanding art and design skills to produce very exciting storyboards for LMI’s Youth & Schools Outreach Team ✏️🙋🏼‍♀️.
Without giving much away, the images you see here are the foundational design elements for materials that we will make available to schools, SU groups and youth groups very soon, Lord willing.

This includes our brand new S.O.A.P programme – Scripture. Observation. Application. Prayer. – which will teach young people how to study the Bible and equip them to help others do the same 📖🙂

Storyboards created for Youth and Schools Outreach worker Lucy Paisley
If your school, SU group or youth group would like book a visit from our Youth & Schools Outreach Team – either in-person or virtually – please contact the Youth and Schools Outreach Team.
(Ps - We might also ask Lucy to sign these sketches and keep them on file in preparation for the day when she becomes famous – LMI’s very own Van Gogh! 🖼🌟)

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