Very thankful for this great message of encouragement from Pastor James Wheagar, LMI’s Coordinator for Ivory Coast - exciting times in West Africa! 🇨🇮🇲🇱🇸🇳🇧🇫🇹🇬🇧🇯❤️🙂
“Glory be to God! The kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ is progressing in our different countries here in Africa. Thanks to the director's team of LMI, who provide the necessary means for the production of LMI lessons in French for the training of the kingdom of God disciples".

"By the grace of God, LMI lessons give a good understanding of the Holy Scriptures to new disciples. Through the 8 lessons, the spiritual darkness gives way to the glorious light of God in the hearts of the new disciples of Christ.
LMI's courses in French have already reached 3 countries here in West Africa: (Ivory Coast, Mali and Senegal). Next month in July, LMI'S lessons will be available in 3 new countries: (Burkina Faso, Togo and Benin.)
Thank you for all your kind prayers and support for the advancement of God kingdom. May God continue to shower his grace upon your various families and ministries.”
We give thanks to God for the opportunity to support our brothers and sisters, including in places where Christian persecution and opposition to the Gospel are daily realities ✝️.

Please pray that the Lord will use these Dynamics of Discipleship courses to edify and strengthen His people across the six countries mentioned, enabling believers in each to follow Him more closely as they grow in knowledge and understanding 📚☝🏻.