We've received a great report from Pastor James Wheagar, LMI's Representative in Ivory Coast, about the impact of LMI's Dynamics of Discipleship course in his country. Read his statement below:
"By the grace of God, LMI lessons continue to impact the lives of many followers of Christ here in Côte d'Ivoire.
Sister Christine, who already received the 8 lessons of LMI with me, does a very good multiplication of LMI lessons in the region of Soubré (Ivory Coast). She took 3 months to train 4 students in her town. Last week, the 4 students finished studying the 8 lessons with her all received LMI certificates.
Please let's keep praying that LMI lessons will continue to advance the kingdom of God in all cities, towns and regions in our countries here in Africa."
Praise God for how His people are being strengthened, and believers are encouraging each other to grow in their faith.