By God’s grace, the French version of LMI’s ‘Dynamics of Discipleship’ (DoD) course is continuing to bless Christians in Burundi, as it spreads amongst church leaders and groups in various locations.
LMI’s Representative in Burundi, Aloys Nduwindavyi, sent us this photo a few days ago. The gentleman in the photo, Pastor Claude, was an attendee at a leadership seminar undertaken by James Farmer and Alan Dourish in Rumonge, Burundi last year. Now, after studying DoD himself, Claude is preparing to lead the ladies in Zone Katete at Mutambara (pictured) through the material in the days ahead.
The ladies come from vulnerable situations, so being able to bless them and help them grow in their knowledge of God, His love for them, and His word, is an opportunity we are very grateful for.
Please pray that they will know the Lord’s guidance and help as they seek to learn and grow together in the days ahead