LMI are absolutely thrilled to receive these photos from Rwanda, where our partner, Sawado Nshimyimana, and his colleagues will shortly distribute copies of God’s Word to new believers in Kinyarwanda (their heart language).
Sawado (who is wearing the black jumper) commented, “With your support we brought and distribute 92 Kinyarwanda bibles to some of our LMI students who do discipleship at their communities and churches.”
As many of us will know from personal experience, it is vital for new Christians to be able to delve into the scriptures as they begin to follow Christ and seek to serve Him faithfully.
Please give thanks to God for this terrific news, and please pray that the brothers and sisters who receive these Bibles will be greatly blessed and encouraged.
This project was undertaken as part of LMI’s Overseas Ministry Programme. You can find out more about the programme, and support the work we are doing in Rwanda and around the world by visiting the LMI Overseas Programme.