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A Missionary's Tale: An Expected Journey

A Missionaries Tale: An Expected Journey is a blog article from LMI detailing the missionary heart of those embarking on the journey to the mission field, a deep yearning to know God and willingness to sacrifice the things of this world for an entirely different inheritance.

Conventional wisdom, expert advice and common sense all seem to indicate that, to achieve success and a favourable outcome on any mission, an individual or group ought to take the path of least resistance. Doing so inspires confidence, ensures security and offers the greatest opportunity for success.

To the adventurous spirit, this strategy will likely go against ‘every fibre of their being’, much preferring the words of J.J.R Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, “not all those who wander are lost”.  When there is no path, simply create a trail and evoke a journey of discovery. Such an expedition certainly offers the potential for excitement, adrenaline and amazing memories, but it may also be doomed if embarked upon with overconfidence, ignorance and a desire for personal fame (self-gratification). 

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The Purpose of Mission?

The Purpose of Mission | LMI Blog | A look at the need for Christian Mission to extend the Kingdom of God around the world.

The word ‘mission’ naturally derives many thought-provoking connotations depending on certain elements of a person’s life. These may include life experience, thought processes or personal values. 

Some initial thoughts of ‘mission’ may lead you to Hollywood and the vast stock of motion pictures depicting army soldiers and navy special forces going behind enemy lines to save damsels in distress. It may conjure up memories in the archives of history and the pursuit of mankind reaching to the stars, going to the moon and the dream of boldly going where no man has gone before”

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