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Nepalese Partnership

With a burden to preach and teach in remote areas of Nepal, Pastor Hom Tamang cares deeply about the spiritual and practical needs faced by his fellow countrymen and women. He is the pastor of Nava Jiwan Sewa Church, where he combines his pastoral work with evangelism and addressing poverty in the community.

LMI supporting the church in Nepal through our Overseas Nepalese Partnership Project


Christianity in Nepal 

As Christians in Nepal, Pastor Hom and the Nepalese church come under much scrutiny, most often from the government and/or Hindu fanatics. Indeed, believers in Nepal can be imprisoned for simply sharing the gospel. Despite this, Pastor Hom has a great vision for the future, which includes planting churches across 75 districts in Nepal; conducting leadership seminars in remote villages to help rural churches; and helping poor people and widows with practical support. 

We would like to continue to assist Pastor Hom, and we would truly value your support as we seek to show the love of Christ and edify His people through our ongoing partnership with him in the months and years ahead.


LMI supporting the church in Nepal through our Overseas Nepalese Partnership Project

Leadership Training 

We want to sponsor more indigenous leadership seminars for pastors and Christian leaders, particularly those in rural areas who have the least access to opportunities for sound Bible teaching and training. Many Christian leaders have never been trained and some are illiterate meaning that they cannot read the Bible for themselves. 



The LMI Overseas Ministry Programme is supporting an Orphanage in Nepal.

Orphanage Support 

Together with his wife, Rebekah, Pastor Hom runs an orphanage for children who have been abandoned or whose parents are unable to care for them (often due to alcohol and drug additions). It is our desire to support this work by providing funds to help with operational costs and seasonal gifts for the children. 



The work which Pastor Hom and his colleagues are engaged in would benefit greatly from the provision of a robust, four-wheeled vehicle. They currently use motorbikes but the difficult, mountainous terrain makes this very dangerous. A robust vehicle would enable them to travel to remote places to conduct training and outreach work. It would also provide a means of transporting the orphanage children safely and bringing the crops that they grow to market, which is how they help fund the running costs of the children’s home. 


LMI's Goat for Widow campaign provides support and income for widows and their families.

Goats for Widows 

By providing goats for widows, we can enable these women to sell goat’s milk and to breed the animals. It is a simple but extremely effective way of demonstrating God’s love by helping to provide an income for them and their families.


LMI Overseas Ministry Programme in Nepal.


Sending LMI Teams

Building on the success of previous visits, we hope to send further LMI ministry teams to Nepal to train Christian leaders and bring encouragement to Nepalese churches. 


Support for Pastor Hom and Rebekah

We would like to support Pastor Hom and Rebekah with their personal needs as they serve the Lord at the orphanage and through the various ministry endeavours they are involved in.


Join Us

Your prayerful and financial involvement in this project will make a huge difference, both to Pastor Hom and to those whom he seeks to help. Please consider joining us in this venture as we aim to further assist God’s servant in his work.