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Motion Study: Snapshot of the life of Daniel

The purpose of this Bible study is to stimulate and encourage Christians to think about how we live for God in our everyday circumstances, no matter what those circumstances may be.

Daniel and his friends provide a great example of living for God, even when everything around them appears to be going wrong, and the counter-cultural aspect of their witness can provide encouragement for believers today who live in situations that are difficult due to hostility, opposition or even outright persecution. They were used by God to have a significant impact upon the culture of their day. We may not have access to national leadership or royal courts, but our living, when focused upon Jesus and the Kingdom of God, may also impact the situation we are in, under God’s guiding, sovereign hand.

We hope this brief reflection on Daniel’s life in exile will encourage Christians to live God-honouring lives, despite any difficulties or hardships they might be facing.

Motion snapshots from the life of Daniel Bible Study Resource


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