Partner Awareness Programmes

LMI Partner Awareness Programmes

Each year LMI organises one or more of our partners to come to the UK to take part in mission awareness. Through these Partner Awareness Programmes, people are enthused and inspired by meeting and hearing from our coordinators themselves, and finding out about some of the needs facing churches around the world. While videos and presentations are excellent for sharing information, nothing comes close to meeting people personally, who can share of their experiences and the work that God is doing in their nation.  

We currently have ten ministry partners in the following areas: 

South Sudan 

Southeast India 

Manipur, Northeast India 

China and Hong Kong 

Myanmar (Burma) 

Andaman Islands 

Central and Eastern Europe 



During our Partner Awareness Programmes, not only do individuals get the opportunity to meet and hear from our coordinators, but they also learn about what LMI is doing through our partnership with them. This provides an opportunity to respond practically by praying for our partnership projects and supporting them financially. In so doing, Christians here in the UK are enabling us to continue to provide assistance to our coordinators and their wonderful ministries. 

If you would like to enquire about the possibility of having an LMI coordinator come to speak at your church or group, please contact us