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Stand Up For South Sudan (SU4SS)

Changing Lives Together


SU4SS is an exciting fundraising and discipleship tool for your youth group or SU. 

You could make a real difference to lives in South Sudan through prayer and fundraising, and see God work in the lives of your young people in the process! 

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What’s involved? 

This campaign has two elements: 

  • learning more about South Sudan and growing closer to God through our five youth devotionals 
  • fundraising for LMI’s South Sudan Project 

Everything you need to be involved is provided in our Resource Pack. 


  • Five thought-provoking youth devotionals 
  • Fundraising Guide 
  • South Sudan Fact Sheet 
  • Promotional Posters and Sponsorship Form 
  • and more! 

All packs (including youth devotionals) are provided FREE of charge! 

South Sudan is a land of great need. By raising support and awareness of our South Sudan Project, you will make a difference to lives thousands of miles way. To read more about our project and what your fundraising could help to achieve, visit the LMI South Sudan Project Page.

Are you in? 

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If you would like further information, please contact our Youth & Schools Outreach Team who will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this campaign.