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Biblical Foundations Course (BFC)

LMI’s Biblical Foundations Course (BFC) is our introductory distance-learning programme. It is a thoroughly biblical, practical course, which seeks to inspire and equip Christians to understand God’s Word, to grow in their relationship with Him, and to serve Him effectively in the Church and the world. It aims to not only teach biblical truth but to help Christians develop spiritually and to grow in faith, confidence and witness. There is a strong emphasis on applying what a student learns to everyday life and to relationships in the home, community and workplace.

At present, BFC is only available in English. Therefore, in order to gain maximum benefit from the course, a student must be confident in reading, understanding and expressing themselves fluently in written English.

As this course is only available online, a student must have an email address and access to a computer.


The course consists of 10 units split over three levels:

Level One

  1) Discipleship

  2) Introduction to the Church

  3) Introduction to the Bible

  4) Introduction to Prayer

Level Two

  5) Spiritual Warfare

  6) Dealing with Doubt

  7) Dealing with Temptation and Sin

Level Three

  8) Stewardship

  9) Introduction to Mission

10) Handling Persecution and Suffering


Each unit involves reading a booklet and answering questions in a student workbook. Once a student returns their work by email for marking, they receive a grade and the next student workbook is issued. On successful completion of each level, a student receives a certificate.

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