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A Growing Team! - LMI's Youth & Schools Outreach

As we began the 2019/2020 academic year, it was a thrill to do so with an expanded Youth & Schools Outreach Team! The existing members – Alison Kernohan, Becky Watson, Danny Roberts, Catalin Dieaconu and Alan Dourish – were joined by our new intern, Lucy Paisley, and a new mission candidate, Andrew Shooter. (Andrew is currently raising support to take up his role and is volunteering his time in the interim until he is able to join the mission staff.)

The addition of Lucy and Andrew means that we can now do even more work with post-primary schools, churches and youth groups across Northern Ireland, which is great news!

As ever, we would truly value your prayers for our Youth & Schools Outreach Team as they meet with young people across the province, both in schools and youth groups. Please pray that God will bless, guide and help them in all their endeavours, and that the young people they meet will think deeply about all they hear and be inspired to consider God’s Word.

Helping God's people understand God's Word - LMI's Bible Teaching Ministry

LMI’s Bible Teaching Ministry

Wonderfully, the Lord is working in hearts and minds across the world through LMI’s Bible Teaching Ministry, far beyond the borders of the UK and Ireland. This is only possible as a result of the people who have been faithfully supporting LMI’s Student Sponsorship Scheme. We are so very thankful for everyone who partners with us in this way.

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Nepal 2019 - Overseas Ministry Programme Report

LMI Overseas Ministry Programme Report

Earlier this year, LMI sent an overseas ministry team to one of the most mountainous nations on earth. Home to Mount Everest, Nepal is a beacon for ‘thrill-seekers’ from across the globe. However, our interest was not on peaks but on people, in a country where Christianity is growing but also facing increasing opposition from the state.

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LMI Impact - South East Asia

As you may know, one of our staff members and his family recently departed Northern Ireland to serve as LMI missionaries in South East Asia.

As part of his role there, he is now teaching at a Bible college, where he is currently lecturing on Hebrews.


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Are you thinking ahead to your post-summer youth programme? Well we have the answer! We call it "Stand Up for South Sudan".

Our Youth and Schools Outreach Team have created this FREE fundraising and discipleship pack specifically for young people.

The pack includes:
• A 5-Day Devotional Booklet (one for each Young Person) 
• Fact sheet on South Sudan (one for each Young Person) 
• A Step-by-Step Guide 
• Event ideas & checklist
• Sponsorship Forms 
• Posters to advertise you event 
• A ‘What Next’ sheet to help you once the event is over

For more information, please click here. 


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