Leadership Study Programme (LSP)

The Leadership Study Programme has been specially designed to provide training for those already holding positions of Christian leadership. It examines in depth the essential qualities of leadership and identifies the keys of becoming a more effective and courageous leader. 

All of the individual modules are based on specific textbooks. Each module and student instructions are sent via email in an interactive pdf format. The relevant textbooks are sent by post directly to the student.

Each module much be completed and returned via email before the next is dispatched. 

Returned work is marked by a tutor and the student is awarded a grade for that module. Upon successful completion of all modules within the Leadership Study Programme, a certificate is issued along with a gift book. 

At present, LSP is only available in English. Therefore, in order to gain maximum benefit from the course, a student must be confident in reading, understanding and expressing themselves fluently in written English.

Course Outline 

  1. Excellence in Leadership - John White 
  2. Integrity - Jonathan Lamb 
  3. Calling Christian Leaders - John Stott 
  4. Joseph: A Man Of Integrity and Forgiveness - Charles Swindoll 
  5. Spiritual Leadership - J Oswald Sanders 
  6. David: A Story of Passion & Destiny - Charles Swindoll
  7. Resilient – John Benton


Enrol on the LMI Leadership Study Programme